Meet Our 2020 Palisade Peach Court

Dixie Burmeister

One of my favorite things about past peach festivals is the opportunity to work with our youth who comprise our annual peach court, as well as working with the many Peach Court Coordinators, over the years.  Although circumstances caused the postponement of the Peach Festival this year, our 2020 Peach Court has and will be, continuing to share the good news about our growers and their peaches at fruit stands, the Palisade Sunday Market and other valley Farmer’s Markets.

Official crowning comes soon, but the girls are already doing media interviews and appearing at various Chamber activities as they learn more about the Chamber, by attending Chamber Business After Hours, Ribbon Cuttings and more.  They recently had two delightful photo shoots, in Clark’s Orchards, among the beautiful peach trees, another learning experience as they learned about the world of photography, and the tricks to posing, lighting, and having fun in the process.

The candidates for Peach Court come from local schools, Palisade High School, Mt Garfield Middle School and Taylor Elementary.  In early spring the candidates, after having submitted applications to the chamber, were then interviewed, after which, the judges had to make their difficult decisions.  All applicants were superb, Once selected, we had a day of media training and they were ready to take up the duties of Peach Court.

Tara Lemon, local, busy, Mom of 6, took on the job of coordinating the court and what an experience her first year has turned out to be, as we all journey during the Covid-19 experience, along with the peach freeze our growers have endured.  It is a pleasure to work with Tara, who with her upbeat and encouraging attitude and many talents, has not let the unusual circumstances keep her from making their rein a happy and successful time.  I have enjoyed every minute as we work together to make it a positive and fun memory of this year, 2020. The girls are a joy to work with and understand the need for making changes, by being ready to follow the ever -changing schedule.  Please meet our Peach Court.

All four of the girls are extremely talented, busy in many school, community, and family activities.  They have great smiles, attitudes, and skills.  Their respect for our peach growers, their hard work it takes to get that peach in our hands, is evident as you take with them. When asked what’s their favorite way to eat a peach …. “just pick it and bite into the sweet juiciness of a Palisade Peach”.  And don’t we all agree!

Queen: Addelaide (Addie) Steele – Palisade High School Senior

Senior Attendant – Hailey Languer – Palisade High School Senior

Junior Attendant – Abigail (Abby) Pearl Lemon – 8th grader – MBVS Charter School

Peach Princess – Hadara (Haddie) Beatrice Hann – – 4th grader – Taylor Elementary

Photo Credit: Jim Cox of JC Photography

Location Credit: Clark Family Orchards