Dixie Burmeister

Wow, January already over, and here we are in February!  Red is the color of the month.  Federally designated, American Heart Month is this month, with the association’s red heart logo recognized all over the country.  Years ago, they started the red dress/go red for women campaign, to raise awareness that heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women. Guess you could say that men and women have an equal opportunity to develop heart disease with one in three Americans getting heart disease, a figure that applies to both men and women, making heart disease the number one cause of death in America.

The good news? There is much that we can do to help reduce the risk.  Advice from the AHA and NIH(National Institute of Health,) urges us to eat healthy, maintain a healthy weight, exercise, stop smoking, limit alcohol, manage stress, manage diabetes if you have it, control blood pressure, keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels under control, it all means:  GET YEARLY PHYSICAL EXAMS and then, most importantly,  follow physicians, dietitians, and other medical experts advise and urge your valentine to do the same!   Check it all out, including symptoms of heart attack and how they can differ for women versus men, at heart.org and/or at nih.gov.  Friday, February 7th is the AHA’s Wear Red Friday to remind us to focus on our hearts and those of our families, friends, and community.

Happy Valentines’ Day by the way.  This year with Valentines day being on a Friday, it’s another Friday in February to wear red! What do you have red in your closet? Everyone looks good in red! Here’s to all “Matters of the Heart”!