Members, these difficult times shall pass. The importance of working together between individuals and organizations has never been greater. The Palisade Chamber of Commerce is striving to support our members and community.

We currently have radio commercials encouraging the community to buy local, on ten different stations, running eight times a day for the next few weeks. The message stresses the importance of buying local, emphasizes the fact that businesses are the backbone of our community, reminds listeners that the business owners are their friends/neighbors/associates, and that together we are strong. The Business Times is also running ads for us, encouraging the public to support local businesses. These ads will run through the end of the year.

The Palisade Chamber of Commerce partnered with Longpoint Digital, to create a page on our website with links for COVID-19 resources for businesses, employees, and community members. Please find this link at . We also partnered with Fusion Group USA Inc., to create a free website that could be used for connecting the public looking for products and services, with the businesses that offer them. Please see the “Who’s Open Colorado” website at .

Although our physical office is closed, we will continue to promote your organizations through social media, and our websites. We continue to manage our daily operations from home. Our staff is in constant communication with elected officials, chambers across Colorado, industry leaders, media, business incubators across the state, and others to bring you the latest information and resources as they become available.

Please adhere to the Stay-At-Home Order, for yourself and others. Stay healthy and safe. We look forward to seeing you in person very soon.



Andrew M. Weber
Executive Director
Palisade Chamber of Commerce