Are you naturally Grouchy? Or could you pretend to be at certain functions around town? Do you like wearing a top hat? Have you always wanted to be the Palisade Town Grouch, and have your name on the Grouch Board downtown? Or would you like to nominate someone who you are sure would make a great Grouch?

Well, now is your chance. With Peachfest quickly approaching, a new Town Grouch will have to be named, and it could be you, or someone who deserves it! But you must hurry. The person who raises the most money by noon on August 11, will be “crowned” the Palisade Town Grouch for 2015-2016! There are many ways to raise the money.

Talk with all your friends and family, coworkers, and put donation jars in shops and stores in Palisade. And, ladies, don’t forget that we have had a number of Grouchettes, so give it a try!

Grouch/Grouchette applications can be picked up at the Palisade Chamber of Commerce office on Main Street. For information, call the Chamber at 464-7458, or Jim Cox at 464-2333.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a Town Grouch/Grouchette!