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Bluegrass Volunteers are ready

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Dozens of pizzas in assorted combinations were stacked on the tables in Riverbend Park on Thursday evening, June 12, as volunteers gathered for a pre-festival orientation. Palisade’s sixth annual Bluegrass and Roots Festival, held this weekend in Riverbend Park in Palisade, will again be sponsored and staffed by the Town of Palisade  employees as well as a slew of volunteers.

Some of the volunteers are simply concert goers, trading a little bit of time ‘hard at work’ while still listening to the great music, after all, in exchange for a day’s admission.

After a welcome by Mayor Roger Granat, Public Works Director ‘Festival Frank’ Watt outlined the basic plan for the weekend. Palisade Police Chief Tony Erickson went over crowd security, emphasizing Palisade High School as the ‘Go To’ gathering place in case of an emergency requiring evacuation of the festival. Priscilla Mangnell of The Daily Sentinel put the volunteers together in a coherent schedule, staffing the gate, the children’s tent, the merchandise tent, the parking lot, the campground and the bar; and festival tee-shirts and water bottles were distributed to volunteers.

The Green Team will be helping everyone clean up after themselves again this year, providing a myriad of choices when disposing of one’s trash. There will be containers for recyclables, trash and compost, for the food waste. All drink cups used in the park this weekend will be made of a corn product that composts instead of needing to be recycled. The only caution is – Don’t leave your beer (cup) in the sun, because the cup will begin to break down! They have even convinced the Mesa County Landfill to accept the food waste from the festival for composting this year. Finally!



Formerly the manager of the Palisade Tribune, Betsy moved to Palisade in 2009 after spending almost 35 years in Breckenridge. She has three grown kids, two in Colorado and one in Idaho. A die-hard Palisade booster, Betsy is also a big fan of the Palisade High School Bulldogs.


  1. Sharron Steelle

    June 16, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Truly thankful for your newspaper paper on the net! Thanks to all!

    • Betsy McLaughlin

      July 4, 2014 at 8:11 pm

      Thanks, Sharron!
      Keep us informed of any Altrusa events or fundraisers, we’d be happy to get something on the website about them. It’s fun to be able to promote good causes and not have to worry about how much space is taken up!

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