Christopher Curry



Inventory Specialist/Systems Developer for Timberleaf Camping Trailers

How long have you lived in Palisade?

We have lived in Palisade since September of 2017

Why are you running for a position on the Town Board, or for Mayor?

I am running for Town Board for an opportunity to engage and listen to the diverse and colorful community of Palisade, for the purpose of helping to understand all citizens’ voices and values.

Are you willing to commit to attending a majority of the Town Board meetings, missing meetings only in extreme cases?

I am committed to making the time to attend every meeting missing only when it is absolutely necessary. Regular attendance and engagement is essential for understanding the needs of our community.

Are you ready to put the time in to read and understand the packets prior to meetings and doing the other work that a Board member should do?

Yes I am, since we moved here I have been subscribed to the town’s informational emails and done my best to keep up with all Town Board and Planning and Zoning topics of discussion.

How many Town Board meetings have you attended to date?

Being new to this town and having an old home remodel in our forefront has not lent itself to attend meetings except several planning and zoning meetings that were pertinent to our home and future plans for it. With that said, again I have been following the informational packets closely. From experience as a building and code enforcement officer in another small Colorado town I have attended multiple town meetings and have experience with the setting.

What do you think are the big issues Palisade is presently facing?

Infrastructure, growth, tourism, public spaces, and difference of opinion. Palisade has been on the map for some time, but is now more so than ever. There are old values to uphold and new opinions to consider, change is inevitable, but sustainability needs to take priority.

How are you presently involved in the community of Palisade?

Building relationships with my neighbors has been the foundation of my involvement in the Palisade community. Gaining these personal connections have enabled me to understand where I might be of the most use to this wonderful town.

What would you do to promote economic development in Palisade?

Current resident commerce, residential interest, and tourism rely on a factor of safety, maintaining public security and adding useful safety measures would continue to allow for investment in Palisade.  Making small business and the entrepreneurs a focus of economic development will promote sustainable growth and will keep earnings local. Public spaces create an inviting community for travelers and residents. Building up our parks and public spaces will encourage living and visiting within Palisade. To create accessibility to all, Palisade has to offer we must ensure our digital presence is up to date, inclusive and easy to utilize.

What intrigues you about Palisade’s history? How does it apply to Palisade’s future?

Palisade’s rich history in agriculture, architecture and geological features are areas that are of great interest to me as well as many others. Promoting these aspects of Palisade will keep all of us proud and grounded as we move towards the future.

What do you see in Palisade’s future? What would you do to guide/direct it?

What I see for Palisade is what I envision for any place I dream to live. I see a thriving place to grow food, pick up mail, go to the bank, see live music, grocery shop, ride bikes, walk, pick up a two by four, and raise a family. I will lean towards protecting and supporting these elements of our small town while representing Palisade on the Board of Trustees.