Dave Smith



Owner/Operator Pali-Tours

How long have you lived in Palisade?

8 years

Why are you running for a position on the Town Board, or for Mayor?

I am excited for the future of Palisade and want to be apart of molding responsible growth and future vision.

Are you willing to commit to attending a majority of the Town Board meetings, missing meetings only in extreme cases? 


Are you ready to put the time in to read and understand the packets prior to meetings and doing the other work that a Board member should do? 

Yes. Being properly informed and understanding the inter-workings of what is going on and how things work facilitate positive outcomes.

How many Town Board meetings have you attended to date? 

A dozen or so.

What do you think are the big issues Palisade is presently facing? 

Palisade needs to maintain a solid plan to keep our infrastructure up to date. Sidewalks, streets, water, sewer, parks, facilities, etc.

A responsible plan for growth needs to be transparent and developed carefully to hold on to the history and quaintness that is Palisade.

How are you presently involved in the community of Palisade? 

My business allows me to very mobile in the community. I have the unique opportunity to hear from all different people, residents, business owners, farmers and guests, about their opinions and concerns. I have been involved in town events (parades, marathons, festivals) and in Taylor Elementary activities.

What would you do to promote economic development in Palisade? 

I would strive to encourage that the town be fair and consistent to all applicants with new business licensing and development. The community’s input should be considered in decisions about the town’s economic future.

What intrigues you about Palisade’s history?

One of the greatest accomplishments of Palisade, in my opinion, has been the installation of the irrigation infrastructure. If this wasn’t done there would not be much here. Palisade must protect its water for sustainability, agriculture, and recreation.

How does it apply to Palisade’s future?

Responsible water management is paramount to Palisade’s future. Our water is vital for our local economy and sustainability overall.

What do you see in Palisade’s future? 

Palisade’s future does not need to be complicated. Together we can develop responsible growth and maintain its charm.

What would you do to guide/direct it?

I would start by trying to improve on communication. One of the biggest complaints I hear is that nobody knows what is going on. Everyone will not agree on all points. We can start by being transparent and truthful.