Heather Aspy



How long have you lived in Palisade?

13 years

Why are you running for a position on the Town Board, or for Mayor?

I want to support this town in a way that would be most meaningful and productive, Palisade’s future should be influenced by the people that will be impacted by decisions made by the Board.       They need a way to have their voices heard, I want to listen to them and help make the right decisions with that input.

Are you willing to commit to attending a majority of the Town Board meetings, missing meetings only in extreme cases?


Are you ready to put the time in to read and understand the packets prior to meetings and doing the other work that a Board member should do?


How many Town Board meetings have you attended to date?

Approximately 20 to date

What do you think are the big issues Palisade is presently facing?

It seems there is a lack of clear communication between Palisade’s decision makers, business owners, and residents. While most are like minded, many issues aren’t resolved because of the lack of a proper forum.

How are you presently involved in the community of Palisade?

I have worked for multiple Palisade business owners and I am now focusing on my amazing family and my photography business which aims to highlight the wonderful people, places, and events that Palisade offers.

What would you do to promote economic development in Palisade?

I would hope to represent the Palisade community and speak to those that can help with the town’s desired growth by listening to input from those affected by Board decisions. With my skills, I intend to capture this town’s wonderful visual beauty and share it. This town can grow in many ways, not just with population and resulting business growth, but in tourism and visitor interest.

What intrigues you about Palisade’s history?

The most intriguing and important part of Palisade is the generation of families that are rooted here, the pride they have, the desire to thrive without changing what has always been. Everyone here plays an important role in maintaining what has made Palisade a thriving community that supports agriculture, supports farmers, supports migrant workers! The history of the vineyards, the orchards, the cherry trees, everything is so valuable. The sheer natural beauty of the surroundings are simply fascinating.

How does it apply to Palisade’s future?

The newer residents that value what Palisade has been and should be are responsible for continuing what is loved about Palisade. The future should always be rooted in the past.

What do you see in Palisade’s future?

I see so much potential. We live in such a highly desired place where produce is abundant and family values are highly regarded. With the right decision makers, Palisade can maintain its wholesome roots – small town feeling – and a place that people want to visit.

What would you do to guide/direct it?

As a Town Board member, communication is key. I would like to keep conversations open, speak to residents and get their voices heard, and try to influence other board members to act with the majority’s best interests in mind.