Palisade has lost its oldest supporter, fan and promoter–the Palisade Tribune newspaper is gone. We mourned its abrupt demise. Some citizens cried out in grief. Others cried out in anger, then sought an answer to the town’s loss.

After a few months this new publication, Peach Town News, will give Palisade a change of look for a changed town.  The full name is Peach Town News, A Taste of Palisade, Community News 81526.

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is good; other times it is bad. Everything changes. Kids grow up. People grow old. Even places must remodeled, refurbish or be removed. Palisade is an old town with a rich history. We have proud people who have lived here–forever it seems–as well as new residents of a few years or weeks, who have changed this 110 year old community along the way.

It won’t be the same, but our town is not the same. We are changing with the times. Take a look. Read the online paper. Support the local advertisers. Tell others. Send us your news.  Support the local advertisers. Tell others. Send us your news. is the new supporter, fan and promoter of all things local, and connected with the Palisade area, people, and town.