Community members are encouraged to join the Museums of Western Colorado for “A
Day in the Orchard” on April 7 at Cross Orchards, marking the first event of the year for the
historic site. Adults and children are invited to view the orchard between 9am – 3pm as our
team of gardeners work in the orchard planting new trees.

Also visit our new World War II era Victory Garden located north of the historic Bunkhouse, and learn about the agricultural history of the Grand Valley from Cross Orchards docents and the Palisade Historic Society.

Partners for this event are the Mesa Conservation District, Palisade Historic Society, and
Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project. Join us in celebrating the local community’s
agricultural heritage, while enjoying fresh baked cookies from the bunkhouse and attending
historical talks on the beautiful grounds located at 3073 F Road. Additionally, The Palisade
Historic Society will display their restored operational “Orchard Hoopie” flatbed truck named
“Dale,” constructed from a 1951 Chevy.

A day in the orchard will be the first opening of the museums new World War II Victory
Garden. Victory Gardens were personal gardens, many times, in the front yard of people’s
homes. These gardens had their start during the First World War in order to supplement the
national food supply and were greatly expanded upon during WWII. The new garden will exhibit
the need for, planting of, and growing techniques of “Victory Gardens” during World War II.

Admission to A Day in the Orchard is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, $3.50 for children ages
3-12 years, $15 per family or group, and free to Museums members. For further information, visit the Museums of Western Colorado, or contact Matt
Darling at 970-261-7839.