Every living creature has to have a home: humans, animals, birds and bees.

Have you ever seen in a garden or in the woods, a scramble of twigs, leaves, and maybe colored strings or old beads that resemble a tiny house for a creature not even the size of your thumb?

What creature could live there?  Maybe, a fairy or a pixie?

Whether you believe that Fairies exist or not, some people love the idea and enjoy designing minute structures in their homes, gardens or outdoors, just for the pleasure of design and just in case a fairy happens to come along.

The Palisade Branch Library is hosting a one-hour workshop at 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 19, for interested people of all ages who want to learn more and to make and take home their own design of a “Fairy House.”

Guest designer Diana LaCount,  Teen and Youth Director at the Central Library, will be at the Palisade Branch to discuss and guide participants through the creating process. She presented this program earlier this summer, so she has experience with fairy house building.

“Fairy House supplies will be furnished. We encourage you to collect your own items to add to your creation too,” 

according to Palisade Branch Library Manager Karen Maheux.

Fairy house creed

“Just remember the fairy house creed:  Be careful not to use or disturb any 
of nature’s materials that are still
 living, such as flowers, ferns, 
mosses or lichen.  Fairies do not like to disturb any 
growing material.”

Years ago Gale Yerbic, when she was the Mesa County Libraries children’s librarian, read “Tiny Houses” by Tracy Kane, which inspired Yerbic to create this workshop program.

Now that she is the Head of Mesa County Libraries’ Youth Services, she is still fascinated with fairy house construction. Every year she keeps collecting material to use in the library workshops about building houses for the yard, garden or home.

“They are so fun, and the children become so creative,” she said.

So where do fairies live? In a fairy house, of course.

On Aug. 19 any one interested can come enjoy the idea, the book and the examples while constructing their own appropriate nature hide-a-way for any elusive little sprites. Who knows, maybe it will attract Tinker bell from Peter Pan history, the Fairy Godmothers from Sleeping Beauty, or even the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio.