Marillac Clinic is pleased to announce a new partnership and co-location of primary care and limited dental services at the Mesa County Heath Department in mid-January 2015. The Health Department is finishing the beautiful remodel of their existing clinic services area to an expanded facility to offer a new access point for primary medical care, especially for the poor and vulnerable in our community.

Marillac Clinic has agreed to enter a partnership and co-location to offer their primary medical care, mental healthcare and dental services in this new location. Staff are very excited about this new Clinic location and know it will meet a great need for the residents in the Clifton and Palisade area. In order to open this Clinic location and build capacity, the Palisade Clinic Care Team is moving to the new location to get operations up and running. It is important to all at Marillac that all the needs of the patients and communities are met. The decision to temporarily move the Palisade Clinic was recently approved by the Marillac Board following much discussion. They are determined that over 70% of the patients accessing the Palisade Clinic location reside in the Clifton area. The new clinic located at the Mesa County Health Department will be a convenient Clinic site for these patients. “Many farmworker patients receive their care in Palisade and we are committed to continuing this health care program for the migrant and settled farmworkers in our community.” said Marilac Clinic Executive Director, Kay Ranachandran.

Patients will have a choice of scheduling their medical appointments either at the Grand Junction Clinic or the new one opening at the Mesa County Health Department. Comprehensive dental services will continue to be offered at the Grand Junction Clinic along with vision services.

As recruiting and building new clinic teams as well as evaluate the demand for primary care services in our county, an evaluation process will be conducted to determine the need to re-open the Palisade Clinic. Again, this is a temporary closure as the new operation is started-up. All individuals should call the main patient scheduling number at 970-298-1782.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Ms Ranachandran directly at 970-298-2235 or Kristy Schmidt, Community & Donor Relations Director at 970-298-2877. They are happy to answer any questions and to keep everyone informed of changes in the clinic operations as clinics grow to meet increased demands in Mesa County.

Staff at Marillac Clinic appreciate the long-partnership in Palisade over the last 8 years and look forward to working together to continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities.