An enthusiastic crowd of about 60 people in downtown Palisade on Saturday afternoon September 8 “oohed and aahed” as each of seven new sidewalk sculptures was unveiled during a sculpture walk and unveiling. The sculptures can be seen on the Town Plaza, and on 3rd and Main streets.

The sculptures are on loan by the artists for the next year, replacing sculptures on display for the past year.

This year’s artists displaying sculptures are: Greg Todd, “Hugs ‘n Kittens; Reven Marie Swanson, “Now I Take Your Hand;” Pavia Justinian, “Sigma;” Joe Burleigh, “Blackbird;” Nathan Hale, “Twist on Time;” Damian Radice, “Day on the Serengeti;” and Pokey Park, “Bear.”

The event was sponsored by Palisade Art Vision (PAV), the Blue Pig Gallery, along with the Palisade Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Palisade. The event was part of The Blue Pig Gallery’s 11th birthday party.

After the unveiling, people were invited to celebrate the gallery’s birthday with peach cake from the Slice o’ Life Bakery and ice cream from the soon to open Purple Cow.

The same evening, the Craig Allery was hosting the opening of the Black and White Show.

Palisade businesses donating to the Artist Appreciate were Slice ‘o Life Bakery, 357 Bar & Grill, Café 11.0, BASECAMP RV Resort, Blue Pig Gallery, Purple Cow, Sandy King Gallery, Craig Gallery, and Wedel Pottery.

PAV was formed in 2016 by a group of local citizens and artists to promote and embrace, “Art as a part of everyday life,” in Palisade. Artists loan their work free of charge for one year. In return, the sculptors are provided an installation stipend, recognition, and promotion. Pieces are available for purchase.

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Pavia Justinian describes creating “Sigma,” composed of metals and mixed media.

The Blue Pig Gallery in downtown Palisade was a sponsor of the Palisade Sculpture Walk, along with Palisade Art Vision, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Palisade.

Artist Joe Burleigh created “Blackbird,” made of fabricated metal.

“Now I Take Your Hand in,” a marble sculpture by artist Revin Marie Swanson.

Greg Todd created “Hugs ‘n Kittens” in bronze and stone.

“Twist in Time,” was created by Nathan Hale with forged mixed metals.

“Day on the Serengeti, bronze sculpture by Damian Radice.

Tammy Craig is seen near her art at the Craig Gallery.

The Sandy King Gallery is one of several in Palisade.