Three Grand Valley marketing companies were invited to present their ideas to the members of Palisade’s Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) on Tuesday, each hoping to become the new face of Palisade’s marketing and advertising campaigns.

Palisade’s previous marketing representatives, Cobb and Associates, parted company with the Town last spring, but board members decided that it would be best to wait a few months before hiring a company to replace Cobb, since most of the 2016 marketing plans were already under way and most of the budget already spent.

Interviews with the marketing companies were the only items on the agenda for the September 27 meeting, attended by TAB members, as well as by Mayor Roger Granat, Town Clerk Lindsey Chitwood, and Town Administrator Rich Sales.

Three very different presentations were entertained, combining digital marketing and use of social media, print media, video and still photography, and web design, among other techniques.

Amelia Higgins and Bridgett Gutierrez presented for Cranium 360, Julie Norman and Mollie Shepardson for the Sentinel Digital Agency, and Sherry Wright, Kenneth Redding and Emmi Hall presented for SAW Advertising Agency.

Board members then discussed the presentations, deciding which of the three marketing companies to recommend to the Board of Trustees. Their choice will be presented to the Trustees at the meeting of Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 6 p.m.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public and are held in the public meeting room at the Civic Center, 341 7th Street, Palisade.

Members of the Tourism Advisory Board include Jean Tally, Angel Goodman, Juliann Adams, Cassidee Shull, Stan Stephens, Felix Iovanni, Charles Talbott and Jessica Bonds. Members Dennis Clark and Rondo Buecheler were absent for Tuesday’s meeting.