Every year, CMS offers an opportunity to make Christmas a happier occasion for children of this community’s seasonal farm workers.  “The holiday falls when paychecks are particularly slim or nonexistent, so this assistance with children’s Christmas presents can make a big difference for a family struggling to pay bills until more farm work becomes available.” says Karalyn Dorn.  Dorn continued with,  “The look of delight on the children’s faces when they open a gift from Santa is priceless. To many of them this may be the only gift they will receive.”

People who would like to give a child a gift may view the “Mitten Tree” at the Palisade Chamber of Commerce office at 305 S.Main Street in downtown Palisade and choose a mitten from the tree with a child’s special gift wish or may contact CMS for a child (or children) to sponsor by calling CMS at  464-5226.

In either case, the gift(s) should be wrapped and delivered back to the Palisade Chamber or CMS no later than December 17, 2015.  Gifts will be distributed directly to participating families. Dorn continued, “We appreciate how the community comes together at this special time of year”.  Juliann Adams, Executive Director of the Palisade Chamber of Commerce added, “This is a small way of giving back to the very people who are vital to our fruit growers.”
Three things to know about CMS: 1. Child & Migrant Services has provided care, concern and community for farmworkers and their families in Mesa County since 1954.  CMS has experienced many changes over the decades, but stays true to its roots.  Workers know they can turn to its Hospitality Center (El Centro de Hospitalidad) for resources and a sense of belonging, in good times and in bad.  2. Most of CMS’ support last year came from local sources: individual donations, churches, community groups, businesses and farm labor housing payments (from growers in Palisade & East Orchard Mesa).  CMS also receives funding from foundations and fundraising activities.  CMS does not receive regular governmental funding. 3. After a period of difficulty, CMS is regaining financial stability and continues to offer services in the following areas: Basic Needs, Health and Wellness, Emergency Assistance, Social and Educational Programs, and Farm Labor Housing Project.  CMS continues collaboration with community groups to better serve the local farm worker community.

CMS is always in need of support. If you are interested in donating or would like more information about the Migrant Workers program please call 970-464-1187 or email to Karalyn Dorn at kdorncms@yahoo.com.