Dear friends of Palisade:

It thrilled my heart this Sunday morning when I opened the “Life and Art” section of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram to see a glowing article about Palisade, Colorado.

Here I am living in Ft. Worth, Texas, and reading about my favorite part of the Grand Valley. “A vine proposition” by Alison Bowen of the Chicago Tribune must have been there interviewing every one in town.  She plays up the wine festival and wineries first, and then all the great spots in people and events.

“The wineries give people the reason to really stay a while in Palisade,” Juliann Adams, the executive director of the Palisade Chamber keeps promoting Palisade as the “destination spot” in Colorado.

She mentioned the Palisade Peach Festival which draws thousands of people to our town and the wineries.

Bowen, the columnist, made sure to point out “Palisade’s quaint downtown” includes . . . The Blue Pig Gallery . . . Slice O’Life Bakery . . . Palisade Café, . . . Rapid Creek Cycles and Wine Country Inn.

She gave ample coverage of most of the wineries scattered around the East End of the Valley, and spoke highly of the Colorado Mountain Winefest in September.

Ah, just reading the familiar names and facts takes me home in memories.

I would love to be back there, but this two page article lets me remember what I enjoyed in Palisade, and it reaffirms it that everything is growing on in one of my favorite places.

Thanks for the memories.

Brenda Evers


Publisher Note: Brenda Evers contributed articles to before her moving to Forth Worth. We miss her stories and thank her for sending us her comment.   The link to the article which appeared first in the Chicago Tribune is:  The article has been picked up in several other newspapers across the country.