The Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Board awarded the Town of Palisade with a $90,000 grant for the Palisade Plunge Trail. There is also a $25,000 matching grant from Department of Local Affairs supporting the project. “The Palisade Plunge will be a world-class, destination, single track mountain bike trail, open to other non-motorized uses such as hiking and equestrian uses. The proposed route descends from a peak elevation of approximately 10,700 feet to a final elevation of about 4,700 feet, providing 6,000 feet of vertical relief and connecting alpine elevation trail networks to the valley floor, finishing in the Town of Palisade. Visitors will enjoy Palisade’s many recreational opportunities and business services.” “Palisade’s grant was part of GOCO’s new Connect Initiative Trail Planning Grant Program, which provides funding for trail projects for design, engineering, and master planning.” The Town of Palisade will use the grant funds to conduct an environmental analysis that will support the preparation of an Environmental Assessment, which is part of the process for establishing The Palisade Plunge. “The Town of Palisade appreciates the support of GOCO for this project. These planning monies will fuel the environmental studies and public discussions on how best to accomplish this world-class mountain biking opportunity.”-Richard Sales, Town Administrator for the Town of Palisade GOCO awarded four grants, totaling $445,450 to various projects in Mesa County. For more information, please contact Richard Sales, via e-mail at