Ariticle submitted by Sarah Brooks, Recreation & Events Coordinator of the Town of Palisade to

Every spring and fall, school districts across the nation collaborate with their state and local transportation agencies to encourage kids and parents to walk or ride their bikes to school. This spring

the Colorado Department of Transportation is encouraging kids and parents to walk or bike to school on Palisade Parks and Recreation will be working in collaboration with Grand Valley Transit, School District 51, Taylor Elementary, and the Palisade PD to offer a special walking/biking school bus event. The purpose behind the Walking School Bus is a three point educational message. First, walking/riding as a group teaches kids how to safely get to school and helps them to properly identify their local Safe Route.

Teaching commuter safety late spring also helps kids to keep in mind how to safely get around town during the summer months, so parents feel comfortable with them walking or biking to local places like the pool, parks, and library. Walk and Bike to School Day also teaches kids and their families about alternate commuting and how to reduce fuel emissions. Finally, students learn about the health benefits that come with walking and biking, in effort to get more families active and choosing healthy

Walk this way!

Walk this way!

Taylor Elementary students, parents, and siblings are encouraged to meet up at the Palisade Community Center on Wednesday, May 4th between 8:00 AM-8:20 AM and join up to walk or bike to school, leaving the CC by 8:30 AM to head to school. Last October, Palisade Parks and Recreation offered the Walking School Bus for the first time and there were 26 in attendance (combining adults and kids).

Invite your friends and family so a new record can be set. Call Sarah at 464-5602 for more information.