Unfortunately, it appears that we have a leak on the 18-inch main water line coming down Rapid Creek Road from the Water Plant. Fortunately, we do have an option that allows us to continue to provide water service to the vast majority of our customers through 3 points on interconnection between our system and that of Ute Water. Starting at 8:00 am on Wednesday, September 27th, staff from the Town and Ute Water will begin the process of activating those interconnections. Once we have completed that transition, we will begin making repairs and we will make every effort to transition back to our system as soon as we can. There are a lot of variables, including the extent of the damage and the depth of the line so having a definite time of completion simply isn’t possible. Some of our customers will notice a change in the odor of the water due to the difference between our method of chlorination and Ute’s method of chlorination. We use “free” chlorine and Ute uses “combined’ chlorine. Mixing these 2 waters will very likely create a more noticeable chlorine odor but the water will be absolutely safe to drink, cook and clean with. One important note is that because of the persistence of combined chlorine, aquarium owners will need to use higher amounts of de-chlorinating agents if they clean or add water to their tanks. The Town is very grateful to Ute Water for responding so quickly and generously to provide us with aid and to provide the citizens of the Town with a plentiful and safe supply of water. The dozen or so customers between the plant and the break will be notified that they could be out of water during the repair. Please contact Town Hall at 970-464-5602 with any questions or comments.