For the first time in recent memory, the Parks and Rec Advisory Board (PRAB) has a full slate of members. With the recent addition of David Edwards, Shenan Putnam, and Alie Wilson by vote of Trustees at their March 13th meeting, the nearly full board also voted to invite candidate Bill Alderman to fill the last seat. Chair Janet Prager also suggested that members consider whether they would like to appoint a new chair for the new year at a future meeting. She also volunteered to remain as Chair if that was desired by members.

After going through an extensive calendar of spring and summer events and festivals, it was suggested that each PRAB member focus on and be an ambassador to another civic group or project. Rebecca Waters of Wells Fargo Bank volunteered to be a supplier of volunteer ‘labor’ for events, since their company pays each employee for a certain number of civic volunteer hours each year and expects participation. Ex-officio member and Trustee Robynn Sundermeier volunteered to supply information about the Cameo Sport Shooting Complex and be PRAB’s liason to that project. New member Alie Wilson is very interested in completion of the Riverfront Trail and offered her time and input there. Chair Prager and David Edwards are both interested in development of back-country trails and Shenan Putnam agreed to go between PRAB and the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) and also be a representative at the Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Board members agreed that the swimming pool needs a lot of work to keep it usable, including addition of another shade structure and repairs to the kiddie pool. They will recommend that Trustees allocate $5,900 from the Conservation Trust Fund to upgrade the pool and another $3,500 for the kiddie pool improvements.

Critical Pathways through Palisade for easier walking and biking have been a longtime priority of PRAB, and it was informally agreed that the four railroad crossings in the downtown area of Palisade are in dire need of redesign to make them more walkable. Public Works Director Frank Watt has asked for information from the town’s engineer on the cost to rebuild the four crossings with adequate sidewalks and signage.

A meeting concerning getting started on some sections of the Palisade Plunge bike trail was held the previous day (Tuesday, March 13) and a presentation is available to view on the COPMOBA (Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Association) website at

Final touches were put on the two dozen or so questions to be included on a new survey of community desires with regard to recreation. Town Clerk Lindsey Chitwood had prepared a list of sample questions that PRAB members edited and finalized. Member Troy Ward had a number of helpful suggestions on how to word questions to get the most honest answers with the least effort.  It is hoped that the survey will be ready for PRAB members to approve by April 6, and for a public launch by May 1.

Chair Prager and Desa Loughman will both be at the March 27 Trustee’s meeting but any and all PRAB members are welcome to attend the bi-monthly meetings.

The next meeting of PRAB will be at noon on Tuesday, May 8, in the meeting room at 341 W. 7th Street. Attending the March meeting were Rebecca Waters, Troy Ward, Robynn Sundermeier, David Edwards, Janet Prager, Desa Loughman, Laura Lancaster, Shenan Putnam and Alie Wilson.