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We started Peach Town News in June 2014 and in one month we are already getting an average of 100 views per day! Our goal is to grow Peach Town News, which means there will only be more views in the future! Thats a lot of views your company could be getting EVERY DAY!




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Advertisement Details

Email Ad:

Size: 300px x 120px
Be one our featured weekly email sponsors, Potential clients will see your ad every time they open the Peach Town News Weekly “Paper”

Header Ad:

Size: 970px x 90px
See your ad on the top of the Peach Town News website. Anytime anyone opens the webpage it will be seen.*

Side Ad:

Size: 300px x 250px
Your ad will be placed in the sidebar of every webpage for potential clients to see.*

Footer Ads:

Size: 300px x 90px
Additional advertisements will be placed at the footer of the website.*

*ads are placed on a rotational schedule and will be seen evenly between all viewers



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