This post is a press release sent by James “JJ” Fletcher, unaffiliated candidate for HD 54 State representative, and not the opinions of the editors of

“Recent media attention has been geared toward the Club 20 debates and Democratic and Republican candidates. I am running Unaffiliated so that I can be a voice for the people. The Party works for the party but I will work for the residents of our district and for the Western Slope. If you have watched any of the recent debates/forums you will see that party candidates have not shown up to events where the Unaffiliated or Libertarian candidates were invited. We have been excluded from many events because we do not represent the large party. I would like an opportunity to share some of my views on the issues that are so important to all of us on the Western Slope.

“For the last 35 years I have been a business owner. I have traveled over 3 million miles in my pickup, building relationships. I have worked underground with coal miners and I have chased drilling rigs all over Western Colorado.  Over the last 5 years we have lost over 8,000 jobs in the energy sector. This is not only impacting our economy but it is also a detriment to the family unit.  I believe that we must bring jobs back to our district. I’ve heard people say we need to get over fossil fuels but I say we can work on alternative sources without cutting the cord to our lifeline.

“Our economy in HD 54 needs diversity and promotion of agriculture, agri-tourism, manufacturing and energy. I am prepared to fight for the Western Slope and have no interest in Front Range Coalitions.  

“Our water is constantly under attack. I believe that we owe nothing to other states or other parts of the state. Our water is part of our history and our livelihood. We need it to continue producing our famous Palisade peaches and our incredible wineries. We will continue to meet our current obligations but will not give in to Front Range politics.

“I’m asking you to do your homework. I have been in this race for over 18 months and I have been constant in my message. I have proven that I am a man of action. Stand with me and use your vote to change the course of the Western Slope. 

“You can vote along party lines or you can vote for the best man for the job. Vote JJ Fletcher HD 54. or find us on Facebook! JJ for Colorado.”