Mike Wilson, 57, is a familiar figure up and down Brentwood Drive in Palisade where he is a resident at The Retreat.  He motors back and forth to stores at the corner Palisade Super Stop on his scooter, otherwise known as a “personal mobility vehicle.”

Wilson was interviewed the morning of July 23 as he was motoring back to The Retreat in time for breakfast.

Asked about town plans for installing a sidewalk on the east side of Brentwood between Highway 6 and Granada Drive, across the street from Taylor Elementary School, Wilson said, “It should have been there 20 years ago.”  He also commented than he now has three grandkids attending Taylor.

Wilson said the sidewalk is “desperately needed,” at least to the school.

He added that his grandkids cut through the mobile home park between the school and Highway 6, but that’s another story.  In fact, see a related story here on Peach Town News about a new route planned for kids walking between the school and Highway 6.

Asked about the number of people using scooters on Brentwood, Wilson said about 10.  The scooters, which look like small golf carts or big wheelchairs, are obtained through Medicare, he said, for those who qualify.

Wilson then headed back to The Retreat for breakfast.