The public is invited to an informational meeting on Tuesday, April 7, about changes to certain street addresses, as well as changes in a few street names.

The meeting will be held in the town council chambers at the Palisade Fire Station, 341 W. 8th St., and starts at 7 p.m.

Palisade Fire Chief Richard Rupp in an announcement invited those people to the meeting who received a letter about their address being changed and who would like to know the reason, as well as people who did not receive a letter, but who are interested.

Rupp has cited street addresses that are wrong or duplicated and that they pose a challenge to emergency responders and others in need of finding a location.  Rupp has said that a delay in emergency response is a safety issue.

8th Street in Palisade, for example, is also Highway 6, and possibly Patterson Road, and F Road.

Rupp has half-joked in the past that, “If your house is on fire, we’ll see the smoke.” Otherwise, in the case of a heart attack, responders sometimes must deal with incorrect or duplicated addresses that delay their response.

“Everyone bring your ideas for street names, as we are looking at renaming a few streets.  This informational meeting is to make everyone aware of the concerns with the addresses that are in place and how a plan has been in the works for over two years, which hopefully fixes recognized problems,” Chief Rupp said in the announcement.

Rupp said officials at the meeting will provide information and respond to questions.  The officials will include representatives from the Town of Palisade, the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center (911), GIS (Geographic Information System), Mesa County, and others.

For further information, contact town hall at 464-5602.