A crowd of art lovers walked between the unveiling of seven sculptures in downtown Palisade on the afternoon of Saturday Sept. 9. The group applauded as each sculpture was revealed.

The artist walk started outside the Blue Pig Art Gallery and was sponsored by the Palisade Art Vision Committee (PAV). The sculptures were installed for 2017-2018.

PAV was formed in 2015 by a group of local citizens and artists to promote “Art as a part of everyday life,” according to the committee. “PAV envisioned an outdoor sculpture program to promote a visible aesthetic voice of the town of Palisade,” the committee stated.

The artists and their works presented were:

Nathan Hale, Palisade. Iron Chieftain

Pavia Justinian, Fruita. Cahaya

Daphna Russell, Cedaredge. Horse on the Plains

Dimitri Spiridon, Sante Fe. Anastasia

Gregg Todd, Greeley. Little Ray of Sunshine

Gary Hauschulz, Palisade. “Which came first…the dinosaur or the egg?”

Amos Biocic, Grand Junction. Flux

Cahaya by artist Pavia Justinian, Fruita.

Artist Pavia Justinian, Cahaya

Horse on the Plains, artist Daphna Russell

Little Ray of Sunshine, artist Gregg Todd.

Amos Biocic, Flux.

“Which came first…the dinosaur or the egg?” Gary Hauschulz, artist.

Iron Chieftain, Nathan Hale.

Presentation by Thea Chase, Palisade trustee, and Tim Wedel, PAV president.

Artists loan their work free of charge for one year. In return, the sculptors are provided an installation stipend and PAV helps market their work. The pieces are available for purchase. Twenty-five percent of the purchase prices is retained to fund the art program. PAV also relies on tax-free donations by individuals and organizations.

For information, contact Juliann Adams, Palisade Chamber of Commerce, Juliann@palsadecoc.com, 970 464-7458, or Tim Wedel, PAV president, akamudman@gmail.com, 970464-7795.