Members, as we are reminded of the complexities and challenges of this business climate on a daily bases; it’s important to take time this weekend and to reflect on the beauty that Spring brings.

Spring brings moderate temperatures, more daylight, birds return, baby animals can be seen, you can spend time outside, it helps spark creativity, the leaves on the trees return, fresh produce is on its way, flowers and trees are in bloom, exercise can be taken outdoors, and we can open our windows.

The difficulties that come with COVID-19 will not last forever. Like nature, our ability to adapt and work together is stronger than what we have been faced with. The Palisade Chamber of Commerce, like many organizations, is adapting to the environment that we find ourselves in. We look forward to the day when we transition into opening up our world again for business.

Try to step away from your computer, phone, and the news this weekend. Embrace the changes that come with Spring. We look forward to seeing you all in the near future.


Andrew M. Weber
Executive Director
Palisade Chamber of Commerce