Members, as communities around the world are making plans to open up in the very near future, it is important to remember that it will be a gradual return to normalcy over time.

Practicing physical distancing will remain a part of our lives for some time, but the gradual return to work will not only be an economic lift to our community, but also lift our spirits at the same time. The commitment to keep people safe must continue, but the return to work for our economy is also important.

I’m very proud of our community and members for making arrangements to keep themselves and others safe during this difficult time. From curbside services, teleworking, PPE such as face masks, and keeping physical distances, it is truly amazing to see the implementation of these safeguards in organizations. Businesses have and will continue to make adjustments to remain competitive and safe.

Our community and country will get back to work. Our economy will grow again. A pandemic and a historic freeze may hurt and cause us to adjust; but the determination of our entrepreneurial spirit will prevail.

Keep up the good fight! I look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Andrew M. Weber
Executive Director
Palisade Chamber of Commerce