Palisade Funeral Home will hold viewing hours from 9 am to 5 pm today and again tomorrow for those friends and family to say goodbye to Bud. There will be no service at this time. Burial will take place later in Denver with his family.  

The Town of Palisade will be amiss without one of her sons.  The sign read, “The population of the Town of Palisade is 2,632 plus 1 grouch”. Well the town lost one of those characters this week. Bud Lofvenborg, 88, died Sunday, May 24th, at Community Hospital.   Bud was crowned Town Grouch for six consecutive years during Peach Festival, only to retire the title in 2013. He took the role very seriously and if there was the slightest chance he might lose he was known to ‘sweeten the pot’.

Bud in  his Grouch pose.

Bud in his Grouch pose.

Bud, center, gets ready for the annual Fourth of July Parade  in 2013 with Fire Chief Richard Rupp, left, and Jim Cox.











Bud loved to dress up as the Grinch at Christmas time for the annual parade, but his true generosity shined through his costume. Kids loved him and he loved them. I bet there aren’t many kids who went to Taylor Elementary that didn’t receive his special card with a little gift inside. And his ice cream parties were highly anticipated by the students and the teachers as well.


The Town of Palisade, public works, the firehouse and the police department were all beneficiaries of his gifts over the years. If he saw a need he took care of it and all he ever needed in return was a simple thank you.

Bud gets a hug from Juliann Adams on his 88th Birthday last October.

Bud gets a hug from Juliann Adams on his 88th Birthday last October.

So Bud, I know you are looking down at us smiling, “Thank You Bud, we will miss you”.