Members, Happy May! It is a new month filled with new opportunities. Businesses are opening again, and the Palisade Chamber of Commerce is no exception. We are excited to open our doors to the public on Monday!

If it all possible, it is our preference that you still use the phone or email for most communication. Should you need to come into the office, please stay safe and use a facemask inside. The office floors have been marked with red tape to restrict areas, a barrier has been installed at our cash register, and hand sanitizer is available for office visits. We are taking every precaution to keep people safe. All in-person Chamber gatherings such as leads groups, luncheons, business after hours, ribbon cuttings, photoshoots, and spring festivals are still postponed until further notice.

We are currently having a software upgrade and data merger with Chambermaster. Please be patient over the next few days until the upgrade and data merger are complete. The changes include a Growthzone Pay option, which will enable members to pay online, update payment methods, and improve internal bookkeeping and data quality with the Palisade Chamber of Commerce.

Julia and I will be making map deliveries today to prepare your businesses with the new 2020 Map and adventure guide. The major kiosks in Palisade will also be stocked today with the new guides. Please email the Chamber at should you need some.

We ask that everyone take the reopening of the county and the safer at home program seriously. This is a gradual opening for our county. Mesa County Public Health has extensive resources for you and your business. Please see for more information. We cannot stress enough, the importance of everyone getting this right the first time. We cannot afford to go backwards with this!

We appreciate everyone making accommodations in their businesses and lives. We want to ensure the safety of everyone and, at the same time, make sure people get back to business. See you all very soon!


Andrew M. Weber
Executive Director
Palisade Chamber of Commerce