Welcome to the first edition of Peach Town News, the resource for news and events in Palisade, Colorado. The Town of Palisade is the eastern bookend of the Grand Valley. Agritourism and a vibrant art community define the culture and economy of this small town.

Every Sunday from  June 16th  through September 21st, local  growers bring their freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to a downtown Farmer’s market. Palisade is the heart of Colorado’s fruit and wine country.  In addition to the market there are  several festivals that celebrate bluegrass, lavender, honey bees, peaches, wine and fiber art. All of which you will find articles and schedules for on peachtownnews.com.

This website is a labor of love and the intent is to deliver the latest news and interest stories that are important to the residents of Palisade. That being said we hope you will still enjoy our site and if you don’t live here please come visit us soon.